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Dampier Marine Gallery Refurbishment
The Western Australian Museum has a partnership with resource giant Woodside Energy Ltd.

The gallery displays the aquatic life from the Dampier Region which located up the North West of Western Australia. This gallery was at the Western Australian Museum – Perth after a couple of years since the launch of the original gallery the Museum decided to update the look and contents of that gallery.

I was responsible for wall projection in the new look gallery, this required selecting photographs from the collection and putting them into a video presentation.Video from the Museum's Documentry Unit was also added in wall projection and captions were added to the still images. I was also involved in setting up the computer in the gallery which allows the public to view the Dampier website, this involved setting the up the security of the computer from a software level and designed an interface for the computer which has a button that connects to the Dampier website.

Screenshot courtesy of the Western Australian Museum